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This tutorial will teach you how to get your first 5000 approved HITs on AMT and start making good money! When you start new on mturk, it is important to build your numbers up. You need numbers to build a cushion for possible rejections and ensure you maintain a decent approval rate and also to qualify for more HITs.

Once you reach the milestone of 5000 approved HITs, you will start getting access to more and more HITs. Fortunately, there are a lot of penny HITs that can help you to get past that 5000 mark in no time.

To start with this, you need to understand a few terms and need a few tools, which are mentioned below:


An essential extension which shows reviews left for different requesters by workers. Can be downloaded from the main website.

Autoaccept Link/PandA(Previewandaccept):

Clicking on an autoaccept link will automatically accept the HIT for you. When you open a HIT, the URL bar usually shows:- You can convert the link to Autoaccept by simply adding "andaccept" after "preview" so it should look like

HITs Assigned To You:

Page that shows all the HITs that are assigned to you. You can access that page by clicking on the link at top of your mturk page or using this link.


You need an extension which allows you to autorefresh a page. You just need to keep the page open in a tab and it will refresh it for you. These are two popular extensions, for Chrome and Firefox.

Captcha Alert:

You are presented with a Captcha after 35 HITs. It can be difficult to keep a track of them sometimes so This Script will alert you everytime a captcha comes up.

Easy HITs

Now that you are ready, you just need to run Autoaccept links of a few penny hits on autorefresh(10-15 seconds recommended). These HITs keep popping up through out the day and the autorefresh will catch those HITs for you. Open the "HITs Assigned To You" page and work on those HITs from your queue. When you get a captcha alert, tend to it and start the process again.

Here is a list of a few easy HITs that you can put on autorefresh.

Requester: Venue Quality

Are These Locations The Same? (Requires taking a qualification test first)
Does this Event contain mature adult-oriented content? (WARNING: may contain adult content)
Is this Event family friendly?

Requester: MyLikes

Identify Images with Mature Content (Short 90 seconds timer)
Identify Videos with Mature Content

Requester: Jon Brelig

Identify if two receipts are the same

Requester: SkillPages

Moderate an advertisement for skilled workers. (Requires taking a qualification test first.)

Requester: Rob Grady

Transcribe Waffle House Guest Check

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