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Write an SoP for graduate school applications.

Get expert feedback on the writing and flow of your statement of purpose. Price: $20

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Create your academic CV.

Get an expert's suggestions on how to make your CV perfect. Price: $15.

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Edit your paper before submission.

Get help with outlining, editing, and proofreading your paper before you submit. Price: $20

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Prepare for the technical interview.

Have a 30 minute practice technical interview with an expert. Price: $15

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Write your TOEFL essay

Get expert feedback on your TOEFL practice essay. Price: $5

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Prepare a 15 minute presentation.

Have a professional designer visually design your slides. Price: $30.


Answer the TOEFL speaking task

Get expert feedback on your TOEFL practice speaking. Price: $5

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Stop your CSCW paper from getting rejected.

Get help with statistical analysis, peer feedback from other submitters, or writing help from an expert in academic writing.


In progress: Create a personal website

I will design your personal website. Price: $30.


Complete your first 5000 tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk (and start making money).

Ask your questions from a professional Turker. Price: 50 cents, first question is free.

Add your own

Interested in publishing your tutorial? Email us at and we'll work together to publish it here. We will pay you $20 if we end up publishing your tutorial. Not sure? Just shoot us an email and we'll chat.

What subjects can I choose? Anything! Think about what you're good at and what you can help others achieve. Create a short tutorial that would guide your readers to their goal. Here are a few examples to get you started:

  • How to ace an Artificial Intelligence final.
  • How to plan a camping trip to Yosemite.
  • How to support a friend during a hard time.
  • How to choose an outfit for an interview.

What next? INK enables you to specify tasks that you are willing to do to help your readers. Here are some examples:

Feedback icon
Expert Feedback

E.g. An expert in academic writing will give you feedback on the writing and flow of your essay. Price: $20

Talk icon
Coaching Session

E.g. Schedule a 30 minute one-on-one CV coaching session for personal help. Price: $20

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Record Performance

E.g. Record yourself giving your talk and an expert will give you feedback on your talk's content, your speaking, and your slides. Price: $10

Icon art

E.g. Upload your content and a professional visual designer will design your personal website. Price: $40

Icon support

E.g. Have a question about making money on Amazon Mechanical Turk? Ask a professional Turker. Price: 50 cents, first question free.

Icon programmer

E.g. Send me your content and layout and I will code your personal website in HTML/CSS. Price: $15

How will I get paid? We will forward requests on INK directly to you. You can receive payments directly via Paypal, bitcoin, or even ask for donations to a charity of your choice.

Does this work? Yes! The first tutorial on INK (Write your SoP for grad school) was viewed thousands of times and received 20 requests for expert feedback (that's $400) in less than a month. Here's what people thought:

I really like the idea of creating the tasks myself. It gives me a sense of control over the work that I would be potentially doing in the future. […] I know what I'm getting into.
- Tutorial creator
I really enjoy the creative freedom of creating the tutorials; […] I can rely on resources that I know of and my own experience to create a new thing that might actually help someone out there.
- Tutorial creator
The facilitation was efficient and fast; I was assigned to an editor and she was working on my SOP within 24 hours. The feedback was great. The editor was encouraging, polite, and personable. The payment was fair and the payment process was easy. Similar services charge an unbelievable rate in comparison. I would highly, highly recommend this service.
- User
It was very helpful. Before that, I believed that my SoP doesn't need too much edit. But, after being edited, I understood that I was wrong. It made my SoP more attractive.
- User

This sounds exciting! How do I start? Send us an email at with your ideas and we'll help you from there.